Google is the holy grail of tech companies to work for, and their intense hiring process is the thing of a hiring legend. How to get google jobs while many details about how the company finds its employees are kept secret, few Google employees are willing to share their journey from being one of the 2 million people who apply to the tech giant each year to becoming actual Google employees.

We spoke to two Google employees: cloud consultant Camilo Moreno-Salamanca and retail product manager Annie Sheehan. They share how they prepared their application for Google, developed (and mastered) their interview strategy, made an impression on hiring managers, and got hired at one of the most important companies in the world.

The shortest path is not always a straight line

The tricky thing about start-ups like Google is that standard processes are not really standard for them. The people who find their way there don’t go the usual way of their work either.

“I went from being a procurement agent at Boeing to selling technology at Google,” Moreno-Salamanca said. “At first glance, there really is no way. I focused on abstracting the elements of my job as a buyer and my overall experience at Boeing (project management, negotiation, stakeholder management) and mapping that experience to elements in the sales role.”

Google reached out to Sheehan first — even though he wasn’t in the tech world.

“I worked in management consulting after studying economics and international studies in college,” he said. “Before I came to Google, I didn’t know much about technology, so I wasn’t actively considering recruiting in this field. However, a Google recruiter contacted me on LinkedIn when I was considering a career change. A new journey of learning about all the diverse opportunities at technology companies like Google (many of which did not require a technical background) began.

Here’s the bottom line: how to get google jobs Google employees are praised for their abstract and creative thinking. This means that as an applicant you need to identify and highlight aspects of yourself, your job and the job you want to have.

Try to point out when you’ve been creative in your career and show it on your resume, cover letter, and bring it up in interviews. Talk about times in your career when you positioned yourself as a creative thinker to solve budgeting or organizational problems. You want to show that you control the creative process with the most important positive outcomes.

Use specific keywords like “innovation,” “diversity,” and “development” on your resume and LinkedIn profile and leaders when talking about your experiences.

Why do you want how to get google jobs?

Passion pervades all things. It doesn’t matter if you code or paint, people who are the best at what they do, who attract the best at what they do, are always passionate on some level.

“It’s important to assess yourself against the minimum requirements and options in the specific Google job description you’re interested in,” says Sheehan. “The role in marketing is very different from the role in engineering. This exercise can help you determine if you’re really excited about the role and provides an initial framework to prepare for the interview.”

“Are you asking yourself, ‘Why Google?'” says Moreno-Salamanca. “Having a good reason (e.g. impact, utility, match with skills) is better than “I think this could be good” or “Google is very popular”. There is a strong correlation with how well candidates prepare for their interview (know the role, know the industry, have an idea) by having a “why Google” to articulate.”

Underline? “Why do you want to work for Google?” It seems like a simple question, but we often forget it and it’s probably the most important question you ask yourself before applying to a company. Passionate and confident candidates know what they want and why they want it. Be sure to mention it in your interview.

Teamwork makes dreams successful

Every company has a focus, a theme that runs through their core values, and they look to their employees for evidence of those themes, both consciously and subconsciously.

Moreno-Salamanca says there’s one thing Google values ​​most.”and a good team player.”

So don’t get caught up in office politics. Think about what you can offer Google that no one else has, and why it matters to them and you.

Do you seal the deal how to get google jobs?

You finally get an interview with Google. How do you seal the deal?

“The advice I give most often is to use the STAR system (Situation, Task, Action, Outcome) and have four to five work scenarios where you deal with a conflict, an ethical dilemma, a difficult colleague, etc .were confronted,” he says Moreno – Salamanca. “And take some time to think about your answer. That awkward 30-second silence you spend pondering your answer is far more embarrassing than a rambling reply, which is hard to fix due to the unreasonable pressure to respond immediately.

And of course practice, practice, practice, Sheehan said.

“Make sure you tailor your preparation to the demands of the role,” he says. “Take the time to create an interview preparation schedule so that you get the practice you need before the actual interview. Contact peers for a mock interview as it will be very similar to a real interview scenario. Finally, your Google recruiter is a great source of additional tips and tricks so far. They want to see your success!”

So take a moment to think seriously about the question. Anyone can read prepared answers to anticipated questions, but that’s not what Google meant.

While you have your homework to do, there’s no shortage of study material (google search who?), you’ll never anticipate every question. Be ready to adapt quickly.

Remember that Google values ​​creativity, collaboration, and perspective. Prepare to use these skills in unique ways on your journey to Google.